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3 Questions with... Hooks Orpik

Joel Auerbach
[Crosby] once ate ice cream for dinner, just to prove he could!

Today we play the Penguins (who smell) and as we've been doing this year, we reached out to Hooks Orpik of Pensburgh:

1. Which nickname is going to get older quicker: "Real Deal James Neal" or "Sid the Kid"?

Even worse- the is the insufferable Paul Steigerwald repeatedly tries to make "The Rifleman", a nickname he thought up, stick for Neal. (Because he takes a lot of shots, get it, get it?). But I guess you guys know all about homerific play-by-play guys. The "Sid the Kid" thing is annoying because it's so outdated. He's 25 years old and a grown ass man who's won pretty much everything there is to win in the sport of hockey, individually and as a team. He even lives by himself now! He once ate ice cream for dinner, just to prove he could!

2. Recently I went to Nova Scotia and saw Sidney Crosby's dryer. Have you made the pilgrimage? Do you plan to? Is that a thing for Penguins fans at all?

/genuflects in direction of Cole Harbour........Oh, was there a question there? Couldn't see it, was looking at the league leaders in scoring this season. Did you know that Crosby has more points this season than the top two leading scorers of the Bruins (Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand) do....combined? Someone get David Krejci to elbow me in the head accidentally so I can stop.

3. What the hell did you guys do to Vokoun?

The only thing the Penguins hate more than playing defense is goalies. You'd have to be crazy to want to be a goalie on this team. You think that was Tim Thomas' real end game?

So that's the deal with the Penguins. Good stuff from Hooks Orpik. Be sure to check out their coverage of today's game at Pensburgh. I answered 3 questions for them over there, if you don't get enough of my opinonalysis.