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Tuesday Morning Skate: Capgeek is the best

Bring Me Jagr
Bring Me Jagr
Jim McIsaac

Howdy, y'all. I'm here to talk to you about Recently a reader on here said they had only found it a month ago. Holy shit, guys. If you don't know about, go check out They have every bit of salary info that you would ever want, pretty much, about the Bruins. Or anyone else. Like the Penguins, who the Bruins face tonight and have a big problem with having to re-sign the currently-injured Evgeni Malkin.

It also has a buyout calculator, which is great for Rick DiPietro discussions. The best part of the site is probably the trade machine, though. Go have fun with that for a minute. And remember to feed any hair-brained trade rumor you hear through that, first, to see if it can be compliant. Go ahead, give it a try right now.