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Wednesday Morning Skate: 501

Oh yeah, he's real tall, too.
Oh yeah, he's real tall, too.
Christian Petersen

Last night marked Zdeno Chara's 501st (regular season) game in a Bruins uniform. This makes him the 18th defenseman to achieve the feat, and puts him in pretty good company. He ties Brad Park's career total GP in Boston, and though he doesn't score like Park did, he certainly helped out at least as much (probably more). At 1031 GP on his career, he's 29 GP away from playing half his (regular season) career here. And lets hope it's a lot more than that, considering the only time Crosby scored last night was when Bylsma got him away from Chara.

Anyhow, it's a pretty incredible milestone. Of the afore-mentioned 18 500gp Bruins defensemen, 6 are in the HHoF:

  • Ray Bourque
  • Leo Boivin
  • Fern Flaman
  • Eddie Shore
  • Bobby Orr
  • Brad Park

I don't think it's all that crazy to say Captain Chara will be joining their ranks eventually, though hopefully not for a long time.

Whats on tap, y'all?