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Thursday Morning Skate: Bad Day For Swedes

Hope he's alright.
Hope he's alright.
Frolunda Indians

I had another idea for today but then some news happened. First of all, and most importantly, P.J. "Pebben" Axelsson likely has a concussion after his playoff game yesterday. They won't be sure until later today. Poor guy, I wish him a speedy recovery. :(

Second, Carl Soderberg cross-checked the heck out of a dude on HV71's head yesterday and will probably sit for a game or two in the SEL playoffs. Considering his team got fed last night to the tune of 6-1 or so, we might be seeing him very soon. The sooner the better, I say. With Chris Kelly out, our third line needs...not-Jay-Pandolfo. Here he is literally murdering a dude, like a minute in:

Anyhow, top of the morning, Chowdaheads. Florida tonight. on tap?