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Bruins vs. Panthers recap: Bruins hang on to squeak out a 4-1 win



Hey, we won! With a lead going into the third! IN YOUR FACE, COLLAPSE! Okay, so things that happened:


+ Shawn Thornton scored a goal. IN YOUR FACE, NERDS! No really though, played alright. Can't remember anything he did poorly.

+ Tuukka Rask is still pretty great. One goal against, and no more. Seriously helpful when we're trying to win a game.

+ Leadership came through big with goals from Chara and 2 from Bergeron


- Jonathan Heuberdeauooobedoo trying to start shit with Dougie. Not in my house, Johnny Boy!

- Dougie Hamilton. C'mon buddy, when you fall on the guy on the breakaway, stay on top of him so he can't get up and have a clean shot short-handed. It doesn't seem THAT hard. There's no penalty for "lying on a guy" is there? (make your own inappropriate joke)

- SHGs given up with Chris Kelly in the lineup: 0. SHGs given up with Chris Kelly's leg being re-set and regrowing? 1. Still mad at Chris Neil.

- Lucic and Horton got a lot of great chances but that one scramble that they couldn't quite get in was infuriating.

I'm sure I missed something, let me know what it is in the comments.