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3 Questions With...TJ Maughan of Arctic Ice Hockey

This is really better as a square

Hello. In preparation for today's tilt against Winnipeg, we talked to tj Maughan (again!) of Arctic Ice Hockey about the now-not-so-bad Jets.

1. Last time around I asked about Blake Wheeler, Dirty Pittsburgh, and the Jets being bad. Now the Jets are on top of their division. How the heck did that happen?

It's a tired joke, but the Southeast Division has truly been the "Southleast" thus far. Early into the season it looked as though there would be strong competition for the divisional crown with hot starts from the Tampa Bay Lightning and Catolina Hurricanes leading the charge. However the Bolts are in a death spiral, Carolina is haplessly mediocre without the services of Cam Ward and the Jets were able to capitalize with two weeks of strong play. That said, with the propensity these teams have of trading three game winning streaks for five game losing streaks, everyone save the Florida Panthers still have a chance.

2. A lot was made of James Wright's hit on Chara. Think he tries again? Is his will prepared?

James Wright has two highlights to his credit thus far: his first goal as a Winnipeg Jet on Saturday night and his hit on Chara. A month of hockey took place between both events. Odds are history wont repeat itself and if Chara gets the chance I'd expect him to crush Wright like a tin can.

3. Can you draw Olli Jokinen? Is that still funny to you? I hope so, because I think it's hilarious.

I'm no artist, but I'd like to think that if I held a brush or pen in my hand and went into an epileptic seizure that the end result would look like Olli Jokinen fighting a squirrel, or something.

So there you have it. Thanks again (again!) for Trevor being a good sport. Check out coverage of today's game at Arctic Ice Hockey.