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3 Questions With...Peter Raaymakers


Peter Raaymakers is back with some new stuff about his dumb team who smells. Check out his coverage over at Silver Seven Sens

1. Are you guys signing every college FA this year, or is there a filtering process?

What do you mean "this year"? Bryan Murray's a big proponent of tapping U.S. college programs for free agents, and Andrew Hammond is just the latest. And I think that's a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy, too, as college players see other college players join the Sens and get legitimate opportunities to get into the lineup. It's a pretty sweet setup.

2. Are you guys going to drop out of the playoffs already or what? Seriously.

A serious injury to Marc Methot may have been the straw to break our proverbial camel's back (seriously, Sergei Gonchar can't play any more than he already is), but luckily it's reportedly pretty minor and he might be in the lineup against Boston. If he can't go, Mike Lundin will, which is good because the alternative was going with the twelfth-highest defenceman on the organizational depth chart. Literally.

3. Favorite Alfredsson artistic interpretation: Weasel or Krusty the Klown?

I'm not sure what the weasel thing refers to, so I'll have to go with this artistic interpretation by Silver Seven writer Amelia L:

Thanks to Peter again for doing this.