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Ten Things I Don't Hate About You

When we last left the Bruins and Habs, it became a referendum on who plays the game the right way and who's terrible and quotes and tweets and everything. So Laura at HEOTP challenged us to come up with 10 nice things about our respective hated rivals. Here's what we came up with.

Richard Wolowicz

Our frenemies over at HEOTP have decided they'll be coming up with Ten Things They Don't Hate About the Bruins, look for our friend Laura/theactivestick's post on that over that way today as well.

Last game out it was all about how each team plays the game the right or wrong way and went over for what seemed like months. So we decided to put a positive spin on today. It's one of the hardest things we've ever done.

Ten things we don't despise about the Habs:

1. PK Subban: He gets a lot of grief over here, but lets face it he's Malcom Subbans brother, which will make it easy to get him when the Habs whiff on his next contract. Besides, all brothers have to play together - it's the law.

2. Max Pacioretty has amazing healing skills, I'm looking forward to that in Sochi next year when he helps America win the Gold Medal.

3. Dougie Hamilton I mean seriously, the Leafs couldn't have gotten that great draft pick which the Bruins owned due to trading Kessel if the Habs hadn't taken half the matches to them. Bruins fans should give the Habs more credit for this.

4. Putting folks to work! It used to be that the Habs had kids come out with the players instead of having a mascot, but when the Expos moved to Washington Youppi was out of work. Youppi now is gainfully employed so you know...that's thoughtful.

5. Patrick Roy. Great Goalie and Ray Bourque wouldn't have won the Cup without him.

6. Carey Price is a good goalie and not bad on the eyes - excuse me while I go puke in a bucket.

7. 24 Stanley Cups - that's impressive and the fact that you all never tell us about it...well that's grace.

8. Jack Edwards gets so riled up when the Bruins play the Habs that it always leads to memorable moments

9. Claude Julien. Thanks for firing him (I know, not before a comeback playoff series against the Bruins) I love Coach. Plus he's handsome in his hat.

10. Most of all...I love hockey and really focus all my disdain, disgust and hatred in one place...well it makes it easier to watch the other teams all around the league . So Thanks Habs!