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3 Questions With...Andrew Berkshire of HEotP

Best Friends!
Best Friends!

By now you should know the drill. Today I talked to Andrew Berkshire, fearless leader of that dumb habs blog on SBNation. (<3 u)

1. Are the habs still an embarrassment to the officials and the game?

I think this can only be responded to in gif form. I think the embarrassment is a little embellished.

2. Rene Bourque doesn't completely suck this year, apparently? Who let that happen?

No one is quite sure who let that happen or what exactly happened, but it seems like it's been remedied by a Colton Orr sucker punch that has Bourque missing the last 15 games, and presumably quite a few more games since he just had a setback with his symptoms the other day. It's sad, because he was having quite the redemption season.

3. Which would you rather see happen: Leafs make the playoffs or Bruins win the division?

This one is beyond easy. It's Leafs making the playoffs. For starters, the Bruins winning the division gives the Habs a smaller chance at home ice after the first round, and the Bruins get an easier matchup along with home ice. Not to mention, if the Leafs make the playoffs and the Canadiens win the division, there's a pretty good chance that the Leafs and Habs match up in the first round. It's been awhile since the Canadiens swept a team, so I wouldn't mind seeing that happen. The overbearing cockiness from PPP in a series like that, then the hilarious disappointment after a thorough spanking by the Habs would be too good to pass up.

Thanks again to Andy for answering my questions. If you have any other questions for him, feel free to head over to HEotP to argue in the comments