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Bruins vs Capitals recap: Bruins give up three-goal lead, lose 4-3 in OT

What. just. happened.

Rob Carr


+ Awesome, Dougie Hamilton got his third goal

+ Awesome, shorthanded penalty shot goal

+ Woo, Shawn Thornton fought a dude

+ The first period, wooo how great


- No one is going to take this team seriously if they keep giving up leads like this. Seriously, hooray that you scored three in the first! KEEP YOUR DAMN FOOT ON THE GAS.

- The holes in the defense are being exposed like a big ol' block of swiss cheese. It's not cute. its not pretty. Torey Krug, meanwhile, is hanging out in Providence racking up defenseman of the month awards like it's no big deal. maybe give him a shot? Hell, give Aaron Johnson a fucking shot. He's sitting in the box while Andrew Ference and Adam McQuaid are collectively crapping all over themselves in these situations. Ideally, it'd also be great to permanently pair Dougie Hamilton with Zdeno Chara, because seriously - he may be great offensively but he's a defensive liability right now that Dennis Seidenberg just can't cover for.

- Alex Ovechkin's trip-and-fall-directly-into-the-goalie routine may have caused the Bruins more problems than they realize right now. If Tuukka Rask sustained any sort of injury on that last play in regulation, as he appeared to have based on his incredibly slow reaction time on that shot in OT, the Bruins have a panic situation on their hands. Do they trade for a veteran goalie? Do they bring up Niklas Svedberg? That could do a lot of damage as far as the Bruins' chances go this year.

- I don't even want to talk about the third line right now. Please just refer to any of Servo's pieces lately. Please just refer to the abject disgust of most Bruins fans these days. I don't even.