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Fresh Links: Capital Won Edition

What's In YOUR Wallet? Only One Point. Welp.

Rob Carr

Give the Washington Capitals credit, they kept their noses to the ice and worked through a three-goal deficit to come out the other end. The Bruins are left to search their souls.

  • Ouch. The "point wasn't even earned, let alone salvaged." [NESN]
  • At least we could enjoy a Brad Marchand short-handed penalty shot, a Zdeno Chara tally and a Dougie Hamilton score. [WEEI]
  • Claude Julien spoke about tweaking the third and fourth lines, looking for production. [BostonHerald]
  • Options... Peter Chiarelli is systematically sifting through personnel options. [WEEI]
  • Kirk Luedeke weiged in on trade bait and Bruins prospects as well. [NewEnglandHockeyJournal]
  • Pierre LeBrun also weighed in. [ESPN]


  • Join D.J. Bean of WEEI for his weekly online chat AT NOON TODAY. [@DJ_Bean]
  • The "C'mon, Ref" column weighs in on squashing embellishment. [TSN]
  • Read this, and consider it a consolation prize. [@ESPNJoeyMac]
  • Oh, the Isles took down Montreal. Voici un bon mot. [@GlobeKPD]
  • Another heartwarming emergency goalie story, featuring former Bruin Robb Tallas. [CBSSports]
  • An NSFW (audio) take on "$#it Hockey Players Do. [YouTube]
  • AIEEEEE! Chinese curse? End of the the Fung Wah buses? [Slate]