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Monday Morning Skate: Congratulations, Taylor Hall! You Made it to April!

Mike Ridewood

Tonight, at 9:30 pm in the one true time zone, Taylor Hall will achieve another milestone that Tyler Seguin has so far left him in the dust on: Playing NHL games in April. Yep. Just looks at this Career Split chart.


Under April, there's a whole lotta nothing. And how much of March was taken up by this year? 14 games. Over half of Taylor Hall's March games have been this year. He went 8-9-17 in 14 games this year. By simple math, he's 5-1-6 in 10 games the previous 2 years. But yeah, games in April. What a milestone for the young player. I wonder how other high picks in that draft have done...ah, I'm sure it's irrelevant anyhow.

The morning after a win is always sweet, and today no less than any other.

By the way, Congratulations to Umass Lowell, St. Cloud State, and Quinnipiac on making the frozen for for the first time ever and Yale making it for the first time in 60+ years. Great work over the weekend, everyone.

Welcome to a new month. What's on tap, y'all?