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See ya later, Suckers! I'm headed to Hockey Wilderness

I'll be spending a lot more time with these guys from now on
I'll be spending a lot more time with these guys from now on
Hannah Foslien

I'm sure you're all very sad* to learn that today will be my last day on Stanley Cup of Chowder. I'm packing up my things and headed to Hockey Wilderness, where they care the slightest little bit about college hockey and will probably still hate me for bringing up soccer.

It's been fun the last year or so writing for y'all, especially when I can envision everyone cursing my name at 7am. Better than a triple-espresso coffee in the morning. Let's look back at the good times:

  • One time I raised a bunch of money for charity and had to write about all sorts of terrible things and y'all got to hear about it.
  • One time we all did pushups. What a great day.
  • We still hate Jeremy Jacobs
  • Seriously, we fucking hate Jeremy Lockout

Obviously I've been a part of this community for far longer than I've been part of the editorial staff, and I will still stick around until new blog overlord Donny Rivette bans me in a few days for forgetting about the no swearing rules that he keeps. So get the swearing out of your system now, because in a day or two you're going to have to be all family friendly.

I'd say I'm going to miss all of you, but let's be's only because I like the abuse.