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3 Questions with... Kevin Sellathamby of In Lou We Trust

Don't talk about WHO?
Don't talk about WHO?
Andy Marlin

Good afternoon, everyone. Here's 3 Questions About the Devils ahead of tonight's game. Today we talked to Kevin Sellathamby of In Lou We Trust.

1. How'd you feel about Jagr's first goal as a Bruin? Does the Jagr/Marchand combo make you want to vomit?

My stock response to any Jagr goal- "What? No... JAGR!!!". But seriously though, Marchand made a great pass there. If Marchand and Jagr, I that combo would make me want to vomit. Although for most people, Marchand alone would make them vomit

2. The Devils are teetering on the edge of the playoffs. They haven't won a game in over 2.5 weeks (Saturday March 23rd against Florida). Do the devils have what it takes to get Brodeur back to the playoffs?

I actually don't think they do. They've been shooting around 5% for the last two months or so, which has affected their ability to win games even with Marty back in net based on the fact that well, they can't score a goal. Also, Peter DeBoer's roster decisions aren't helping- he continually utilizes Marek Zidlicky and Bryce "Captain Pylon" Salvador against tough competition despite Salvador being slower than most top line forwards and Zidlicky's inability to play defense. He continually shuffles lines to generate offense, and without Kovalchuk they really lack a scoring threat. Kovalchuk returning could help them, but right now the percentages aren't on their side, and there's not enough time for regression to kick in. If this was an 82 game season, I wouldn't be worried. However, it isn't, so the Devils probably aren't going to make the playoffs barring the Devils shoot over 10% as a team down the home stretch.

3. Y'all are hosting the draft this year. Any suggestions besides "get the hell out of Newark as soon as its over"?

Whatever you do, don't talk about Zach Parise.

Well, okay then. Don't talk about Zach Parise. Let me get right on not talking about one of the Minnesota Wild's premiere forwards. Sure. He's just an American Hero, no biggie.