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3 Questions with... Dominik of Lighthouse Hockey

Bruce Bennett

Today we talked to Dominik of Lighthouse Hockey, one of the funnier sites on the SBNation network. Of course, those all seem to be sites that talk about bad teams. I dunno. Anyhow, here's what he said:

1. So if the playoffs started today, you'd be in. Think that lasts through the end of the month?

I'm a superstitious, nervous wreck, so I'm obliged to just expect something catastrophic will happen. But given their position today, their remaining opponents, and who the other lower seeds are playing, I honestly think they'll still be there. However, a 5-in-8-day road trip is how they'll finish the season. Even though they've been very good on the road, that segment is a little frightening.

2. Does DiPietro get an amnesty buyout? Or does he get Yashin-ed?

When he was finally demoted I would have said yes. But he's been playing a ton in the AHL without blowing out any of his parts and leaving them strewn across the road. He hasn't been *good* down there exactly, but he hasn't been awful either. This may very well go into another season, especially now that his salary still counts against the cap even while in Bridgeport.

An interesting side question here is ... how long does Charles Wang intend to own the team after the move to Brooklyn? Which kind of buyout is best if a new owner will be in place some time in the next, oh, 14 or so years where a buyout would be on the books?

3. Jagr's played for almost every team in your division. What are your thoughts on him?

I'm Czech by heritage, so I was obliged to admire his play and even own his Czech national jersey -- and have it briefly repossessed -- back when he had a rodent growing on his head. It was off-putting that he tended to whine (and in Washington? Yikes.). But if you've ever had a Czech aunt stuff you with food, you know that's just kind of their thing: They'll even whine as you find room for a sixth dumpling that you must like a different aunt's svíčková more than theirs.

Anyway, Jagr is great. I don't even identify him with Atlantic (nee Patrick) teams, but rather as a fantastic, powerful touring artist who is now in that age-defying phase where you're just happy you still get to watch him play.

Thanks again to Dominik for doing this!