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Friday Morning Skate: At Least You Didn't Get Licked By Steve Ott

Not the best night ever for a lot of people. But few of them were licked by Steve Ott.

Huntin' Swedes
Huntin' Swedes
Alex Trautwig

Yep, Steve Ott licked someone on a faceoff last night.


Yeah so count your blessings, because ew.

Seriously though, that's a committed instigator right there. Who does that? He's twisted, man.

Happy Friday. Yale plays Quinnipiac for the NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Division 1 Championship. For real. That's NUTS. Condolences to Umass Lowell, who have provided a wonderfully fun bandwagon to ride along on. St. Cloud, I wish your logo wasn't the habs sideways-toilet-seat. Go Quinnipiac! (Yale will win, they have the experience of playing in the Frozen Four the 50s? Oh.)

Yale vs. Quinnipiac, 7pm Saturday on ESPN...or maybe ESPN2.

Okay everybody say something good that happened last night.