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#SoderbergWatch Continues: Maybe They Will And Maybe They Won't

Not the only thing Soderberg is signing this week, I hope.
Not the only thing Soderberg is signing this week, I hope.

We've got some more updates on #SoderbergWatch from around the web. Basically the SIHF just started a dance-off with some opening moves and it's up to the Bruins and NHL to respond.

Carl Soderberg refused the invite to play for the Tre Kronor so we'll see how that works out for him. There are also NHL/NHLPA/IIHF talks going on about the Olympics, so that will probably decide part of what happens next. Last night when SIHF decided not to release Soderberg, Bob Mackenzie said "Stay tuned" so I don't think he thinks its over. And if there's a more official source than Bob Mackenzie, I don't know it.

In that Expressen post linked above, here's a google-translated mish-mash:

Par (Mårts) talked to him last week and I've even seen the document which Carl has written and where it says that he does not want to play in the World Cup, says Tre Kronor general manager Tommy Boustedt.

Dominic Tiano weighed in, as well:

Love that Carl wants to play for the Bruins so bad that he's literally risking his spot on the national team to try to make it happen. Now we wait. Phunwin should have a piece later on what he thinks is going to happen. I'm looking forward to reading it, he's a professional asshole aka "lawyer" so he should have an interesting take on things.