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Blown Away: Bs lose to Hurricanes, 4-2

Still win the season series, though, which is more than we can say about last year? Ps Corvo is the worst.

ARRRRRGH* (note: not this game.)
ARRRRRGH* (note: not this game.)
Bruce Bennett

So hey, Montreal lost!! That's something, right?

The story:

Period one: Carolina had all the shots! (17-4, CAR, oy) Milan Lucic Tiny Bartkowski Lucic scored! All the fights! ...including one involving Chara, which we can all agree is virtually NEVER worth the tradeoff (especially given that the Canes scored on the ensuing power play). I did, however, like how Jagr was about to get into it, but Chara very clearly pushed him back before going to fight Harrison. No losing the dude who's generating a ton of the offensive looks, says Big Z! Also, Greg Campbell: you are bad at fighting, even if you were (presumably) trying to stop McQuaid and his bum shoulder from fighting.

Period two: POSTS. Carolina took a couple of penalties, the Bruins got a rare (for them) 5-on-3, aaaand: nada. Not the momentum killer the B's PP usually is, though, so that's something. Alas, not scoring on that gift of a PP turned out to be problematic, since the Whalercanes got another from Jiri "pretty good at hockey" Tlusty. Fortunately, Tyler "also pretty decent at hockey-puck" Seguin delivered just a nasty shot into the back of the Hurricanes 'net, after Andrew Ference single-handedly forced Semin to turn over the puck. Boston flipped the tables, shot-wise, outshooting the Canes 13-8.

Period three: Fuck you, Joe Corvo.

The Good:

+ The powerplay. No, they didn't score on it, not even on a 5-on-3, but the overall puck movement was better, for sure. I like to call it the Jagr Effect. #jagreffect

+ Seguin doing *exactly* what we want him to do: scoring gorgeous, amazing goals that make the opponent's netminder look silly. Also: welcome back to NOT the third line, Ty-Ty! He's also now only one goal behind Marchand in goals, which would put him squarely at a 30 goal pace in an 82 game season.

Let's watch:


So pretty! From all angles!

+Andrew Ference, sort of redeeming himself! His play to set up Seguin was great, hard work along the boards, and overall he's had a pretty solid couple of games. I mean, don't get me wrong, his Fenwick and Corsi for the game were still among the worst on the team, but still. Some good hustle there.

+ Tuukka Rask is still seems like a pretty good goalie. I'm no expert, though.

The Meh:

+ Even though there were some good shifts in the first period, getting outshot 17-4 isn't a good way to go, usually. (Unless you're the Leafs against the Habs, hey-o!)

+ Hindsight is twenty-twenty, but a one goal game where you DON'T score on a 5-on-3? Ouch.

+ The Chara-less and Bergeron-less PK, while still good, allowed two goals tonight. Meh.

+ Why must the Bruins bring out the best in sub-par goaltenders. Peters looked solid, and that made me sad.

+ The Bruins have won a lot of one goal games. Chances were, they were going to lose some, too.

End of the day, not their best game, for sure. This game+Bergeron+Marchand+Soderberg, though, would have looked different, methinks. A lot of people are going to complain about them losing to a team at the bottom of the standings. Does it suck? Yep. The Hurricanes are also a team suffering from terrible puck luck, though -- some of the bounces were going to start going their way, and the ton of shots they put up were going to start going in. Meh.

(...that one point to clinch a playoffs spot would have been nice, though)