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Public Skate: Devils/Leafs, Flyers/Habs, Stars/Blackhawks, Canucks/Preds, #Lumbus/Avs, Wild/Flames, Sharks/Yotes - 7PM ET

Let's watch some hockey, y'all.

Bruce Bennett

The Bruins game tonight was postponed and while that's the smartest, safest thing the NHL could have done, it still leaves us here in Boston - and Bruins fans everywhere, really - with a predicament. Sports are supposed to be an escape from the every day fuckery of real life.

So what we're going to do is watch other games from around the league. We've invited the other teams' SBN fans to come on in and join us if they feel like it; we're not endorsing game feeds being posted in the comments but we're just do you, Chowder. Do what's gotta be done.

So...what's on tap? let's do this.