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Wednesday Morning Skate: Gameday Again! GET LOUD!

I love the red sox
I love the red sox

It's Gameday again! It's been too long. Even if it's only been a couple days, I'm glad it's here. Plenty of narratives but I'll leave those for the preview. Here are some thoughts on attending tonight's game:

  • Get there early! They're opening doors a half hour early (so 6pm doors for a 7:30 game). This is to help everyone get through what will be heightened security at the Gahden.
  • Get loud! Especially during the anthem. I'm planning on singing along. Some people say to just cheer. Do what feels right.
  • Don't let fear ruin your life, but if you see something, say something.

For those not going to the game, try not to go insane listening to NBC.

What's on tap, y'all?