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UPDATED. Gamethreading for Charity: One Fund Boston. Bruins vs. Flyers. Cool Prizes. #BostonHitsBack.

Since Friday's game was postponed, we're doing this during the next game that's at a reasonable hour of the evening: Tuesday. The Bruins vs. Flyers gamethread is getting an exciting twist: prizes and charity. #BostonHitsBack.

Thanks to the generosity of a few people, we're excited to announce that not only will Friday's Public Skate be a ridiculous mess of storylines (Soderberg! Jagr's first game as a Bruin against the Penguins! Iginla's first game as a Penguin after that whole debacle!) but also - we're gamethreading to help out the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing - and we have some really cool prizes.

We're doing this thing Tuesday. We still have cool prizes.

First and foremost, since it's the most important part of this Public Skate - we encourage you to give what you can to One Fund Boston. It's a charity effort set up by Deval Patrick and Mayor Tom Menino to "help the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15, 2013." It's awesome that this fund was set up - it's great to have a specific place to send funds that will directly help these people.

Like with #treesforgoals, we suggest picking a stat - hits, goals, whatever - and donating based on that. Or just donate a set number! Most of us on staff are going with hits. Hence, #BostonHitsBack.

Second, we encourage you to come hang out in the gamethread and try to win some prizes! To enter to win, all you have to do is post FIVE comments on Friday's Public Skate, which will open at 6:30 - game time is 7:30 - and will remain open until 10:30PM or whenever the game ends. Five comments. Not hard! You don't have to be a Bruins fan, you don't have to be a Penguins fan - heck, you just have to be a hockey fan with an SBNation account.

But what are the prizes, you say? Here's what we have so far:

  • Three (3) signed 17 x 22 prints from the Bruins' Stanley Cup win. Here is one. Here is another. There is a third surprise one. Friend of the Blog Andrew Ference himself is donating these. Because he's great.
  • One (1) hockey commission from Stephen S. He is a character illustrator for the TV show Archer, but he's probably best known on the hockey internet for his Penguins portraits, often seen on the Pensblog. Here are some samples. (1) (2) (3) (4). Neat, huh?
  • One (1) custom Boston iPhone background, done by Alexa H. You can check out her work at her site in that link.
  • One (1) piece of hockey art done by Grey from the Couch Tarts. Here's some of her prior work!
  • One (1) Bleacher Creature, from the team of your choice.
Many will enter; seven will win. Official Boston Hits Back rules here.