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3 Questions With...Zachary Zielonka


Hello, today we talked with Zach from Die By The Blade. Check out question 3.

1. Grigorenko got recalled. Why is that?

I wish I had a good explanation for this. It made sense with the timeframe of when they sent him down to Quebec to not burn a year of restricted free agency. But, to have him play with the Sabres doesn't make much sense considering that they only have five games left this season.

He will probably get some action in the AHL as Rochester is currently sitting in a playoff spot but that's to be determined.

2. At this point in the season, Fates start to get sealed. The Sabres aren't looking good to make the playoffs or pick in the top 5. How would you classify this year so far?

That depends on what you thought about the team before the season started. I think a lot of fans had visions of playoffs with the added grit on the roster. For them, it's an obvious disappointment. If someone thought like I had at the start of the season, they could have seen this coming because they weren't very good to start.

3. I hear you guys are doing a fundraiser this evening. Care to elaborate?

Our fundraiser tonight is pretty simple. For every comment in our gamethread tonight, we'll donate $.10 to One Fund Boston. So stop on by and tell us as nicely as possible that our team is terrible this year. Then, we'll kindly tell you the same about your team and everyone benefits.

So please do check out their gamethread tonight, should be cool.