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Thursday Morning Skate: A Learning Experience

Francis Charron made some rookie mistakes last night, but it's not his fault.

Jim Rogash

I'm sure a lot of you watched last night's game. So did I and the redding was mediocre at best. Number six made some (I think) bad calls. So I looked him up on and he is a rookie. Making rookie mistakes. It's not his fault, really. He doesn't have the experience to run a tight NHL game like last night's. He just doesn't know how to run it.

The NHL should be ashamed for putting him in this position. They're setting him up to fail. Sure, they paired him with a veteran ref in Dan O'Rourke in a young elephant/old elephant situation, but still. Last night's game had as bright a national spotlight on it as you're going to get for a Wednesday night game. So don't be like certain habs fans, who literally go "Chris Lee is reffing? Can we just chalk this up as a loss and save us all the trouble?" You don't want to be that kind of fan. Charron will learn, or Charron will continue to not work playoff games.


Bruins game ops last night did a great job on damn near everything, except for whoever is playing DJ faded in music on the PA during the 8-spoke salute of the first responders. The PA will kill almost any crowd noise, and it certainly did last night. I would be really happy if the PA stopped working at the Gahden for a game or two, and all we had was Ron Poster or crowd noise. Maybe the Gahden wouldn't feel like the world's largest living room anymore.

What's on tap, y'all?