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Bruins versus Sabres Recap: What is there left to say

I feel like when you can't figure out what to say, it's ok to quote people who do.

Jim Rogash

"A win was not going to heal the wounds of the near-200 injured. It wasn't going to ease the pain of those families that lost loved ones. I understand that a win would've been the statement you want to see, and I get that, I really do, but the real winners tonight were the fans. That's cliche and stupid, I know, but honestly almost 18.000 piled into this building -- fans, families, marathon runners, everyone, to look paranoia and fear in the face and say 'fuck you, this is Boston. We're going to live our lives and be even louder.' You cheered, you sang, and you represented the city in the way we had all hoped. At the end of the day, this is a game. It's important to realize that - and ultimately you won the game when you told everyone that you're not going to stop living your life."

Ty Anderson


+ Daniel Paille, Chris Kelly, and Andrew Ference played out of their goddamn minds tonight. Ference threw himself in front of shots. Paille had jets like we rarely see. Kelly looked like a freaking monster. Those are three guys I'd expect to keep seeing amazingness from, if only because of this loss - because of this effort and it's failure.

+ Anton Khudobin, the most serviceable backup ever, did great tonight. As much as I'm high on Svedberg for next year, I almost hope we get to keep Khudobin. Things feel really safe with TT30 Jr. back there.

+ Dat penalty kill. For the most part it looked amazing. Daniel Paille's chance in particular was unreal. Strong work.


+ Isn't watching Jaromir Jagr hold people off the puck amazing sometimes?


- Milan Lucic. That is all. I'll leave it at that. Honestly I was ready to defend him until tonight but WOW, tonight he was so bad. Im ready for him to get press boxed for a few games.