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Bruins vs. Penguins postponed in light of ongoing Boston/Watertown manhunt

For the third time this season, a Bruins game has been postponed. EDIT: THE GAME IS TOMORROW AT 12:30PM.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

First it happened against Tampa Bay during superstorm Nemo. Then, Monday's game was postponed -- obviously because of the Marathon bombings. Now, for a third time this season, tonight's Bruins game has been postponed, this time due to an ongoing manhunt for the remaining bombing suspect.

Edit: The game will be played tomorrow at 12:30, per many people on twitter who seem pretty reliable.

It'd be awesome to have tonight's game to take our mind off things, to take away some of the helpless feelings we've all had for the last five days. But it can't be helped. A makeup day tomorrow will help.

Does anyone else remember thinking "whoa, what a weird thing, to have a game not happen as scheduled" when the Tampa cancellation went down during Nemo? And now it's happened THREE TIMES. How bizarre.

The problem with a shortened season and three rescheduled games is that it's hard to find places to actually reschedule the game. With the Tampa game it was no problem -- the Bruins had a three-day break between Tuesday's game against the Flyers and next Saturday's game against the Capitals. With Ottawa it was a little tougher -- only two weeks left in the season, and the Bruins were already playing on every odd-numbered day remaining in the season. The NHL season as a whole was supposed to end on the 27th, but the Senators-Bruins game will now stretch that to the 28th. So where do we put the Penguins game?

If one of these teams didn't have a potentially better playoff spot on the line, it's arguable that they could just cancel the game. But what happens if the Bruins and Canadiens end up tied for the #2 spot, with the Bruins only having played 47 games? By the "games in hand" rule, Boston would be ranked ahead of Montreal - but does that still count when there are technically no games left?

The options right now appear to be either to appeal the NHLPA to allow three games in three nights, which would suck; to cancel the game outright, which would also suck; to move a scheduled game so that there are no three-in-threes, which could work (if they moved PIT's game against Buffalo to Wednesday, this could work); or to just play the game on Tuesday the 30th, which would move playoffs back a couple days.