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3 Questions with...Jagr! No wait, Ryan Classic of Silver Seven Sens

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

I thought we'd mix it up a bit with jagr talking to a different person at Silver Seven Sens. I asked Ryan about Jagr the Sens. Enjoy:

1. Only one more game after tonight against your scheduled rivals, the Boston Bruins. How do you feel about that?

Does relief count? Bruins-Senators games are usually very close but end in sadness for us. It'd be nice to eke out a win tonight, but I'm going to be very glad to not play them again. Until the playoffs, of course.

2. How about that Iginla trade? When's the last time Ottawa got slapped in the face like that?

I can't think of the last time Ottawa got screwed in a trade that way, but the 2009 draft Kadri/Cowen incident with Brian Burke comes to mind.

Brian Burke & Bryan Murray - NHL Draft 2009 (via grimreeper086)

3. Are Ottawa buyers, sellers, Going For It, or what?

I'd say cautious buyers with one caveat. I wouldn't expect any huge pickups for Ottawa. They like what they have for the most part, kids are playing well, and there's no reason to make wholesale changes during what's still a rebuild. The one caveat I mentioned is Ben Bishop. Craig Anderson is almost back and Robin Lehner has been very good. Bishop is good enough to be a number one goalie in the very near future, if not today. He'll probably go somewhere, and that's good, because he's wasted as third on the depth chart in Ottawa.

Thanks to Ryan for doing this.