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Happy Earth Day: How are the Bruins contributing to green initiatives?

Between #treesforgoals, snazzy eco-friendly cars, Rock and Wrap It Up!, and friendly recycling reminders around the city, the Boston Bruins, with Andrew Ference in the lead, are giving back and making Boston a more eco-friendly place to live.

Alex Trautwig

Happy Earth Day, folks! You don't need to go much further than Twitter today to see some of the cool stuff the Bruins are promoting as far as making our city a greener place to live. Two years ago, the team won the Environmental Merit Award from the EPA for their participation in the Rock and Wrap It Up program. Today, this is happening:

Watching those Vine videos is highly recommended, because Shawn Thornton actually physically hugging a tree is something else. Ference also tweeted a Vine video of David Krejci being really bad at lacrosse, but that's obviously not Earth Day relevant.

While some of his #EarthLife suggestions are obviously a little expensive for the common Bostonian, Hubway is actually a pretty neat way to get around the city. Plus, biking around in a Bruins jersey is a sure way to get Bruins-related cheers yelled at you, which is wicked fun.

You also can't overlook the team - and the NHL's - strong work barreling ahead on #treesforgoals - and trees for hat tricks. There have been 28 hat tricks this season, and at $50 donated per hat trick, that's $1,400 dollars to the Plant a Billion Campaign from the NHL itself. Over here, we're up around $2,500 donated - including $800 from Andrew Ference for Tyler Seguin's 16 goals.

So go recycle a bottle, turn your lights off during Earth Hour tomorrow, and re-watch Ference on Beyond the Puck from National Geographic - and happy Earth Day!