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Public Skate: Bruins vs. Flyers, 7:30 ET. #BostonHitsBack time.

Time to harness the powers of SBNation for good.



Thanks for coming to our Public Skate for #BostonHitsBack.

We've got cool prizes for you to win, and cool people for you to hang out with while we watch the Bruins play the Flyers.

All of SBNation is invited to join in. We want to thank you for your amazing outpouring of support last Monday -- gamethreading with all of you was hilarious and great and overwhelming, and we appareciate you all so much.

All we ask is that people participating -- if you can -- donate an amount of money to the One Fund -- which helps victims affected by the Marathon bombing eight days ago. (Can you believe it's been eight whole days?) Donate $5, or donate $100, it doesn't matter. Give what you can.

Our staff is pledging dollars for hits. You can also make pledges in the comments and donate after the game.

To enter into our contest, all you have to do is post FIVE comments on this game thread. All entered users will be posted tomorrow -- if you want to opt out of the drawing, you can do so there if you want.

NOTE: WE WILL BE DOING NEW THREADS FOR EACH PERIOD. Comments will be closed once a new thread is opened to avoid confusion.


  • Three (3) signed 17 x 22 prints from the Bruins' Stanley Cup win. Here is one. Here is another. There is a third surprise one. Friend of the Blog Andrew Ference himself is donating these. Because he's great.
  • One (1) hockey commission from Stephen S. He is a character illustrator for the TV show Archer, but he's probably best known on the hockey internet for his Penguins portraits, often seen on the Pensblog. Here are some samples. (1) (2) (3) (4). Neat, huh?
  • One (1) custom Boston iPhone background, done by Alexa H. You can check out her work at her site in that link.
  • One (1) piece of hockey art done by Grey from the Couch Tarts. Here's some of her prior work!
  • One (1) Bleacher Creature, from the team of your choice.
  • JUST ADDED! Jeremy Boudrot is donating this neat hand-painted Fenway sign.