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Bruins v Leafs Playoffs Schedule

Now with Times and Channels for Games 1-5

Jared Wickerham

Per Greg Brady, Leafs/Bruins Schedule is:

Game 1: Wednesday May 1st, 7pm (NESN, CNBC)

Game 2: Saturday May 4th, 7pm (NESN, CNBC)

Game 3: Monday May 6th, 7pm (NESN, NHLNetwork)

Game 4: Wednesday May 8th, 7pm (NESN, NHLNetwork)

Game 5: Friday May 10th, 7pm (NESN)

Game 6: Sunday May 12th (NESN)

Game 7: Monday May 13th (NESN)

All games will be on the radio on 98.5 locally and on Canadian TV on CBC, called by Jim Hughson, Simpson, Glenn Healy, and Oake.