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Get to know a Dumb Jerk Leaf: John-Michael Liles

you can't stop raptor jesus, JML. But nice try.
you can't stop raptor jesus, JML. But nice try.

If you, like a lot of Bruins fans, have ever followed the Avalanche for kicks and giggles, you probably know who this guy is. John-Michael Liles was a pretty significant part of the Avalanche from 2003-2011; he was traded to the Maple Leafs nine days after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup (June 23, 2011). He has four goals and seven assists in 36 career playoff games. Here are the basics about this guy:

John-Michael Liles

#24 / Defenseman / Toronto Maple Leafs



Nov 25, 1980

2012 - John-Michael Liles 32 2 9 11 -1 4 0 0 0 47

Only 32 games played this season out of 48 for Liles. He was a healthy scratch for 12 games early on, then suffered a minor ankle injury against Boston late in March. He has 11 points in 32 games, which doesn't seem too awful for the Leafs. Here's his usage chart. He's actually the most sheltered Leafs defenseman, playing against pretty weak competition.


via Hockey Abstract

He's also on Twitter. Liles is from Indiana, and has a few tweets about Peyton Manning, which...whatever whatever the Colts are terrible. But he's also a good American guy:

The Bottom Line - Liles shouldn't pose too much of a problem for the Bruins. He'll likely see the most ice time against the third and fourth lines and on the Leafs' power play. In fact, he scored on the PP in one of the games against Boston this season. So, as we said in the preview, stay out of the box and the Leafs' power play won't be an issue -- and we won't have to see garbage like this: