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THE FIRST ROUND: Cup of Chowder Staff Predicts the Future

Bookmark this page so you can make fun of us all later when we're totally wrong!

Michael Heiman


#1 vs. #8: Blackhawks vs. Wild

Giesse: Blackhawks, despite her love of Cal Clutterbuck's hair
Sarah: Blackhawks in 4
Cornelius: Wild in 4
Joe: Blackhawks in 6
Erin: Blackhawks in 5, because Jonathan Toews
Heather: Blackhawks in 6
Steph: Blackhawks in 4
Phunwin: Hawks in 5
Dan Ryan: Blackhawks in 5

VERDICT: Sorry Cornelius, but in some way shape or form the Blackhawks are probably winning this one.

#2 vs, #7: Ducks vs. Red Wings

Giesse: Ducks, because Teemu
Sarah: Ducks in 5, also because Teemu
Cornelius: Ducks in 5
Joe: Ducks in 5
Erin: Ducks in 7
Heather: Ducks in 5
Steph: Red Wings in 6 (oh look out)
Phunwin: Ducks in 5
Dan Ryan: Ducks in 4

VERDICT: Steph was a noted Red Wings sympathizer when the Bruins would miss the playoffs in her childhood, so we'll forgive her for this outlier. Ducks in 5, probably. Teemu forever.

#3 vs. #6: Sharks vs. Canucks

Giesse: Sharks, Sharks, Sharks - anyone but the 'Nucks
Sarah: Canucks in 7
Cornelius: Sharks in 7
Joe: Sharks in 7
Erin: Sharks in 7 (are they this year's Devils?)
Heather: Canucks in 7
Steph: Canucks in 6
Phunwin: Canucks in 7
Dan Ryan: Sharks in 6

VERDICT: Phunwin said it best: "I really have no idea here. None." What we do know is that based on these teams,it's probably the series most likely to go all seven games.

#4 vs. #5: Blues vs. Kings

Giesse: Blues, because Vladimir Sobotka
Sarah: Blues in 6
Cornelius: Kings in 6
Joe: Kings in 6
Erin: Blues in 6
Heather: Blues in 6
Steph: Blues in 7
Phunwin: Kings in 6
Dan Ryan: Blues in 7

VERDICT: Here's another one that's pretty much up in the air, although our staff leans SLIGHTLY towards Blues in 6. The truth is that it probably all rides on how good St. Louis' goaltending turns out to be.


#1 vs. #8: Penguins vs. Islanders

Giesse: Isles, for the love of the underdog.
Sarah: Pens in 6. Barf.
Cornelius: Isles in 7
Joe: Pens in 4
Erin: Pens in 6 (noted Crosby lover, right here)
Heather: Islanders in 7
Steph: Pens in 4
Phunwin: Pens in 5
Dan Ryan: Isles in 6

VERDICT: Half of us are harsh realists, half of us are underdog-loving dreamers. If the Isles do pull this one out, it'd be huge.

#2 vs. #7: Canadiens vs. Senators

Giesse: Senators! (Second favorite qualms dating within the division here)
Sarah: Sens in 5
Cornelius: Sens in 7 (OT)
Joe: Sens in 7
Erin: Habs in 7
Heather: Sens in 7
Steph: Sens in 7
Phunwin: Habs in 7
Dan Ryan: Sens in 6

VERDICT: I think most of us are blinded by our hatred of Montreal, but here's hoping the Sens actually do figure this one out.

#3 vs. #6: Capitals vs. Rangers

Giesse: Rangers, because Lundqvist.
Sarah: Capitals in 6.
Cornelius: Rangers in 6
Joe: Rangers in 7
Erin: Capitals in 6
Heather: Rangers in 6
Steph: Rangers in 6
Phunwin: Capitals in 6
Dan Ryan: Caps in 5

VERDICT: We're pretty split, here. It all hinges on whether Ovechkin and crew can solve Lundqvist; the Rangers are pretty banged up, and the Caps' goaltending can be questionable at times.

AND FINALLY: #4 vs. #5, Bruins vs. Maple Leafs

Giesse: Bruins (Thanks, Kessel)
Sarah: Bruins in 6
Cornelius: Bruins in 5
Joe: Bruins in 6
Erin: Bruins in 7
Heather: Leafs in 7
Steph: refuses to pick
Phunwin: Bruins in 6
Dan Ryan: Bruins in 6