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3 Questions with... John Fischer

Paul Bereswill

After all of the excitement yesterday, a short 3 Questions with John Fischer of In Lou We Trust. Enjoy.

1. Jagr is a Bruin. How do you feel about that?

I wish he wouldn't be debuting tonight. Anytime you can add a team's leading scorer and don't require him to be The Man from shift one onwards speaks to the strength of the team. And said team can only be stronger for it.

2. How psyched are you guys for Steve Sullivan?

I don't know if psyched is the right word. I don't think anyone's unhappy with the move but the Devils really could use a more prolific scorer. Of course, the cost of those guys are so high that it wouldn't be worth it. Besides, the team really needs a team Sh% that isn't mired in the bottom third and one guy can't fix that.

3. The Devils have lost their last 4 but gotten points out of 6 of the last 7. Sitting at 8th, do you think New jersey returns to the playoffs after losing in the finals last year?

I hope so but they're making it as difficult as possible. The main reason why they didn't slip out sooner was that the teams below them faltered. Now they're catching up and so the Devils have a lot of you-better-win games if they want to play in May. Tonight's one of them; and unfortunately Boston is so talented that I can't be all that confident in the Devils' chances.

Thanks again to John for the update!