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Friday Morning Skate: Battlegroup Jagr Strikes First Blow

So when an aircraft carrier goes out to sea, it's usually surrounded and supported by smaller and faster support ships to protect and otherwise aid the mission. This is the perfect analogy for the Marchand-Seguin-Jagr line. Battlegroup Jagr. Yeah. Get into it. Oh look, they already struck:

MMmmmmmm. Call it the 2600 games played goal, if you'd like. It's Jagr's 680th NHL goal. The other option for naming that line is the Most-likely-to-stumble-out-of-foxwoods-at-3am line, but I think Battlegroup Jagr is a little more menacing. Yes.

What's on tap, y'all? How many of you survived the night without buying a Jagr shirt? Even one of those terrible "Moves like Jagr" ones from the terrible "who won I blacked out" shirt people? Eh? I did. But only just. Only just. It's just a matter of time, really.

Jagr's second game as a Bruin is against Montreal. Here they are prostrating themselves before him and him saluting to acknowledge their deference.

Hope we get some more of that Saturday night!