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Carl Soderberg watch: LINKOPINGS IS OUT. We're on high alert.

Soderberg's SEL team fell 2-1 in today's playoff game against Skelleftea AIK, Swedish home of such notable former Manchester Monarchs as Oscar Moller and Bud Holloway.

Carl Soderberg high alert time.

After four straight games in which the final score was 3-2 (OT), Linkopings finally dropped the last one 3-1 to Skelleftea, meaning that yes - Peter Chiarelli is free to sign Soderberg and bring him in to help the Bruins.

In case you're new, here's the deal with Soderberg. The Bruins traded for him in 2006, dealing Hannu Toivonen to the St. Louis Blues. Toivonen crashed and burned, but it didn't really matter to St. Louis since they weren't anticipating Soderberg coming over anytime soon - if ever - anyways. Soderberg had faded away into magical mythical unicorn status until a few months ago, when it was shockingly announced that Chiarelli and Soderberg's agent had plans to lure the Dread Pirate himself over from Sweden when he was done with playoffs.

Swedish fans are currently ripping Soderberg on twitter for his performance the last few games, but could that be because maybe a) he knows Jaromir Jagr is on the team he's possibly going to play for in the NHL so b) he decided to float to end his team's playoff chances? (probably not, but....narratives!!)

Fun fact: Soderberg was suspended for part of his team's first round playoff series for a crosscheck to the face of a player on the other team.

If Soderberg makes it over before Patrice Bergeron returns to the lineup, then with the return of Chris Kelly, the lines could look something like this:

Marchand - Seguin - Jagr
Lucic - Krejci - Horton
Soderberg - Kelly - Peverley
Paille - Campbell - Thornton (/Daugavins/Caron/Pandolfo)

And when Bergeron comes back, they could look like this:

Lucic - Krejci - Horton
Marchand - Bergeron - Seguin
Soderberg - Peverley - Jagr
Paille - Kelly - Campbell/Daugavins

Ohhhhhhhhhh boy.