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10 More Questions with HEOTP's theactivestick

At this point barring some strange collapse, it looks like the Bruins and the Habs are going to the playoffs. To end our regular season series between SCoC and HEOTP we figured we’d go Ten Questions with The Active Stick again. She

Saturday Night In Montreal!
Saturday Night In Montreal!

At this point barring some strange collapse, it looks like the Bruins and the Habs are going to the playoffs. To end our regular season series between SCoC and HEOTP we figured we’d go Ten Questions with The Active Stick again. If you don't know who she is, well that's your loss, she's awesome and great and really the only flaw in her I can think of is that she likes THEM.

1. Playoff bound (mostly likely) Habs....I thought they were supposed to suck, what happened?

Well, it turns out that what the guys at EOTP were saying was true: the Habs were nowhere near as bad last year as their record indicated. Before Jacques Martin was canned, their underlying stats weren’t too bad. The Randypuck Era was one that we’d all like to forget, but what it really taught us was that bad coaching and bad luck net you Alex Galchenyuk at the draft. What’s different now? Some new players, like the rookies I can’t get enough of watching. Andrei Markov has somehow managed to stay healthy (*knocks on all kinds of wood*). Tomas Plekanec’s ice time and linemates are not being horrifically mismanaged. Lars Eller is emerging, or has emerged. P.K. Subban is cementing his status as a top defenseman in this league. Above all, and while I have a myriad of issues with Michel Therrien, the coaching has been the difference. The Montreal Canadiens start almost every game they win (and most of the ones they lose) dominating on puck possession. A great indicator is how bad the Habs’ second periods are. Score effects, etc. anyway, all this to say, I don't know what happened, but I like it. I like it a lot.

2. I’m going to Centre Bell for this game, is there anything special I should see or do while in the arena or pregaming?

Meet up with me! You should know that our beers are much more expensive than yours, so, you know, pregame. You should also have a Bell Centre hot dog, everyone but Berkshire thinks they’re best in the league. Above all, absorb the atmosphere. The greatest event at the Bell Centre (until the Cup is awarded on home ice) is always a Habs-Bruins game, forget Beyonce, Bon Jovi, and Rihanna. I hope my arena does me proud and doesn’t act all classless and ruin it for you.

3. While I can understand you taking great happiness in the Bruins being Feastered, what’s your thought on the Penguins?

I am still far more afraid of the Bruins than I am of the Penguins. I think I might also be more afraid of the Senators, too. Just not the ideal matchup for the Habs. That said, I think the conference final will be Boston-Pittsburgh, and Boston will win, which means, GO LA KINGS!

4. With the season closing out, which Canadiens player are you looking most forward to seeing in the playoffs?

P.K. Subban, I think. Carey Price is close, but I just love watching P.K. play so much that I think that’s going to make my heart explode with joy and then I’ll die.

5. Where should I go for poutine this weekend?

There’s a Frite Alors close to the Bell Centre, they’re pretty good. La Banquise is a drunken late night guilty pleasure, but it’s a cab-ride away. In fact, there are usually cabs around there because everyone goes there after the clubs or bars. It’s a Montreal Tradition, but I have never been disappointed at Frite Alors.

6. As a Bruins fan I’m a big fan of toughness - how would you say Prust has changed the Habs?

He’s made them far better looking. I don’t know if I would say he’s changed them, but he’s certainly a much more valuable player than I expected. He’s definitely what I’d always hoped Maxim Lapierre would become.

7. For our inevitable fight to the death for Jonathan Toews, what is YOUR weapon of choice?

I was going to say my boxing gloves, but then I realized I still can’t get my wraps on without someone else’s help, so... I’ma go with not fighting you because you’re awesome.

8. Prediction for Saturday Evening’s game?

Bruins will win, series will end up even. Because it’s Habs-Bruins. We’ll work this shit out for real in the playoffs.

9. The shortened season is making me all kinds of frustrated, what are you thoughts on it?


10..Provided our respective teams make the playoffs and faceoff against each other - you up for a wager? I’m not so much up for twitter avatar embarassment or post writing or anything. I was thinking a donation for the charity of the winners choosing. I would be picking the Cam Neely Foundation

Yes! Absolutely. I’ll go with the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation.