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Bruins vs. Canadiens Recap: Offense? What Offense? Habs win 2-1


Richard Wolowicz


+ Providence won 4-3 tonight and as of last night had clinched a playoff berth.

+ Torey Krug broke the Providence record for points scored by a defenseman.

+ Pluses about tonight's Boston Bruins game? haha, nahh.


- That's two games in a row the Bruins have only scored on a fluky goal. Let's hope this doesn't become a pattern.

- Some of the line changes during the game were inexplicable. Yeah, Tyler Seguin's time as a center didn't go amazingly well, but how do you drop Jaromir Jagr to the fourth line (third, Shawn Thornton's line is always the fourth line, whatever)? I understand not wanting to break up the only line that generated any chances (David Krejci and his wingers had some pretty good opportunities) but...yeah, a lot of head-scratching on that one.

- hahahaha Johnny Boychuk and Matt Bartkowski as a d-pair can we please end that experiment immediately

- Fire Geoff Ward. Seriously. That 6-on-4 at the end of the game that produced zero shots on goal....I don't even know where to begin. Possibly we'll make Servo write something about this this week at some point, because that's just fucking awful.