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3 Questions With... Canes Country

We talk Cam Ward, Alex Semin, and Staals


Hello. Today we talked with Bob Wage of Canes Country about where the Hurricanes are, and the importance of goaltending.

1. The Hurricanes aren't mathematically out but it's not looking good for them this year. Is it all Cam Ward's injury?

The loss of Cam Ward has been significant, but there have been a few other issues related to the current losing streak, (1-10-1). The team also lost Justin Faulk to a knee sprain and he was leading all blueliners with time on ice. Also, the team hit a scoring drought at the worst possible time and lost several games by a 4-1 margin, so goaltending was not the only problem.

2. Alex Semin signed a one-year deal with y'all before this season. How has that worked out?

The Canes signed Semin to a 5 year deal worth $7 million a year a couple of weeks ago. We ran a poll on Canes Country and 84% of fans responding seemed happy with the signing. Personally, I am happy he is coming back. It is good to see management willing to spend the money to bring more high end talent to Carolina and he has been a hard working team player for the most part for the Canes.

3. Jared Staal's ELC runs out after this year. What move do the Canes make to bring Marc into the fold before re-signing Jared?

Good question about Marc Staal and many others around the league are probably wondering the same thing. But I doubt the Canes would want to give up what the Rangers would want in return for the defenseman, right away anyway. Although Jordan is signed for 10 years, so you never know what might happen in the years ahead.

Thanks again to Bob for answering my questions. Please do check out their coverage today.