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Filed under: Reports Soderberg leaving LHC for Boston

Per Begsten of sat down with Linkopings HC general Manager Johan Hemlin and talked about their plans for next year. Part of that plan? Replacing 5-7 players. One of those players? You guessed it, the Swedish Unicorn Carl Soderberg!

Of the five-seven new you're talking about - it can also be about players who had been on loan this year?

- Yes.

Carl Soderberg leaving for Boston and also disappear Robin Figren (Frölunda) and Patrik Zackrisson (Atlantic). Late newly acquired Rastislav Pavlikovsky will in all likelihood not left. What happens with the above-mentioned Goren is uncertain. The same applies Niclas Hävelid.

So there you have it, Linkopings GM thinks he's coming to Boston. Only a few more hurdles to jump!

The biggest one is most certainly the Swedish National Team and whether they make him play for the world championships or let him play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.