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Bruins vs. Hurricanes Recap: Everybody Loves Marchand

Rad Marchand almost netted the hat trick, but who cares that he didn't - the Bruins hit QUOTA!

well this is awkward
well this is awkward
Jim Rogash

In their biggest scoring explosion yet this season, Brad Marchand, Rich Peverley, Nathan Horton and even Andrew Ference and Jordan Caron got on the scoresheet with goals tonight. Although the lines seemed wonky before the game, perhaps a game against the far-inferior Hurricanes was what was needed for the lines to gel.

Or maybe Claude will blow up the lines tomorrow. Who the hell knows.


+ Caron scored! Good for him! It'd been about a year since the last time he scored an NHL goal.

+ Tuukka Rask was unbelievable yet again. If there are still people trying to make a case for Anton Khudobin to be the starter....well let's just say that's how we're going to weed out the idiots from now on. The Hurricanes had a few very good chances, and Rask shut the door on the majority of them.

+ How about those wraparounds? Rich Peverley's goal on Justin Peters and Brad Marchand's delightful Jaromir Jagr wraparound attempt rebound goal on Dan Ellis were probably goals that better teams would have defended against, that better goalies would have stopped; even so, it's good to get a few ego-boosters once in a while.

+ Regardless of their opponent's skill level, the Bruins have found themselves unable to beat lesser teams by more than a goal or two all year, so a 6-2 win is a great thing even if it was slightly sloppy at times.

+ Maybe this will be the end of the Pandawful experiment. We can dream, right? Just keep him in the press box with fellow geezer Wade Redden.

+ Seidenberg had a great game with three assists.



- Stop allowing 40+ shots on goal per night.

- Stop letting the other team dictate play/keep the puck in your defensive zone.


- The Bruins are seemingly still unable to put the foot on their opponent's throat in the third period. The two late goals were entirely on the defense and not particularly the fault of Tuukka Rask.

- All in all, there were some mistakes made, but obviously nothing serious, and the Bruins took advantage of some poor goaltending by the 'Canes. At the very least, they were successful at exploiting their opponent's weaknesses; now to correct their own.