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Tuesday Morning Skate: Of Course Of Course

Jim Rogash

Well I'm sure there's more in the recap but heck of a game by Tuukka last night, and good for the Bruins for navigating through a garbage team like Carolina to finally drop 6 on somebody. It's about time they let themselves out of the barn and prance around on a team like that. They scored a bunch right out of the gate, but hay - that's what happens when you can ride Justin Peters like that. Just the way it works. Carolina wasn't winning this game, despite appearing to control play. Neigh, the scoring threat of Caron/Peverley was too much. It was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Some games, the team shows up with its lucky horseshoe ready to go. It gets a few good bounces and it's off to a gallop. Dick Francis would be proud of this one. It was full of triumph, a little intrigue in the middle, and in the end the thoroughbreds took the lead. Jacobs' horses weren't bothered by Carolina's low- and middle-league hooligans in the slightest.

We should appreciate this sort of night before its sent to the glue factory. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, after all.

Now that he's had his chance to run free, it might be time to corral Caron and put him back in the growing stable of extra forwards the Bruins are carrying. Make sure he's not jumping in the elevator like some people, though...