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Sign up for a #TreesForGoals Playoff Pledge!

Jared Wickerham

Howdy folks! It's time for the playoffs and that means it's time for #TreesForGoals playoff pledges! Here are the people who've pledged for the playoffs already:

Person Player What Trees
Lilybraden Ference Playoff Goals 25
Black Bird Ference Playoff Goals 50
Black Bird TEAM Playoff Wins 1
Black Bird Ference Stanley Cup Champion 2013 50
CTFB Ference Playoff Goals 5
SarahConnors Ference Playoff Goals 75
SarahConnors TEAM Playoff Wins 5
WeberKing Ference Playoff Goals 20
Smith624 TEAM Playoff Win 2
Dangles McDonnybrook TEAM Playoff Fighting Majors 10
Melissa Madeline McQuaid Playoff Season Fighting Major 20
Melissa Madeline Boychuk Playoff Goals 20
Rdyefrde Bergeron Playoff Points 1
.@beckyc0821 Chara Playoff Goals 10
.@beckyc0821 TEAM Playoff Hattrick 25
jflocrna Bergeron Playoff Goals 5
jflocrna Hamilton Playoff Goals 10
jflocrna Bourque Playoff goals 1

Please post your pledges in the comments. If you are not listed above, you are not signed up for Playoff Pledges. You are, of course, welcome to give to #TreesForGoals without pledging, but I personally find this more fun.

If you'd like to continue your regular season pledges (totals for that coming tomorrow.) Find it in our #TreesForGoals section.