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Bruins vs. Maple Leafs Game 6 Recap: oh no not this again

There has only been one playoff series in the last five years that the Bruins have finished in six games.


Of course we're going to a game seven. Of course. It's called Bruins. They've played ten playoff series since 2009; of those, two have been sweeps, one has ended in six games, and SEVEN have gone to game seven.

Tomorrow night we can cross out that seven and make it an eight. The nightmare continues.

So what's the story with tonight's game? There isn't much of one. As always, it boils down to Tuukka Rask making a bunch of great saves, the defense providing little to no support, and the offense mustering exactly NOTHING at the other end. Watch, as Rask literally has to point out where the open man is, then goes to make the save himself:

Anyone blaming him for the way this series has gone: Go watch a lot more hockey, learn some things, and then maybe come back here.

From front to back, this team just can't finish. David Krejci's line managed three shots on goal tonight, one being the late goal by Milan Lucic; Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin looked like hot garbage; Jaromir Jagr's line continues its streak of not being able to really manage anything productive; and if we're really relying on Merlot for scoring, then hell, let's bring out ALL the 2010 Trent Whitfield Team comparisions, because that's just ridiculous and shouldn't be happening.

On defense -- the Bruins don't have six solid defensemen right now. Johnny Boychuk, Zdeno Chara and Dennis Seidenberg played the lion's share of minutes tonight; why bother dressing Dougie Hamilton if he's going to get three minutes of ice time a period? What's the use?

Game seven's tomorrow. Personally, I'm tired of the emotional toll that losing a game seven at home takes on us all. It's happened way too often the last few years. Just get it done somehow, Bruins.