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THE SECOND ROUND: Cup of Chowder Staff Predicts the Future

let's do this thing


First, highlights of round 1!

Hawks in 5: Phunwin nailed it, and was the only one. Everyone else but Cornelius picked the Hawks in some form or fashion.

Wings in 7: CONGRATS TO STEPH FOR BEING THE ONLY ONE TO PICK THE WINGS. She picked them in 6, but close enough.

Sharks in 4: No one picked them in any fewer than 6 games. Thanks, Canucks, you useless turds

Kings in 6: Sometimes I cry because Blues. Cornelius, Joe, and Phunwin all nailed this one.

Pens in 6: Erin and I both picked Pens in 6. Yessss.


Rangers in 7: Nice work, meloni

Bruins in 7: Nice job, Erin. Nailed it.

That said, here's round 2!

#1: Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh

Cornelius: OTT in 6
Heather: OTT in 7
Erin: PIT in 7
Sarah:OTT in 7 - because Pittsburgh sucks #lalala
Servo: PIT in 5 - Anderson regresses like a motherfucker
BHN Dan: OTT in 7 - Neil runs Vokoun, MAF hides in the net with his hands over his eyes because lalala you can't see him
Steph: PIT in 6
Giesse: OTT in 7 - Fleury? Vokoun? Feh! Have some Andy.
Phunwin: PIT in 6 - Anderson steals a few games but the magic carpet ride ends
Meloni: PIT in 6.

#2 Boston vs. New York

Heather: NYR in 7
Erin: BOS in 7
Sarah: BOS in 7 because WHY THE HELL NOT
Servo: BOS in 7 - because what else
BHN Dan: BOS in 3 - Because Torts is a jerk and I hate Boyle's mustache
Steph: NO
Giesse: BOS in 7 - because they could do it in 6 and just WONT
Phunwin: BOS in 6 - Lundqvist is papering over a lot of holes
Meloni: BOS in 7

#3 Chicago vs. Detroit

Cornelius: CHI in 6
Heather: CHI in 6
Erin: CHI in 6
Sarah: CHI in 4 - fuck Detroit
Servo: CHI in 5 - Wait, your top defenseman named Niklas is Kronwall?
BHN Dan: CHI in 6 - Wings will put up a good fight, but Chicago is too solid
Steph: CHI in 7
Giesse: CHI in 5 - I'd love to see some winning Jimmy Howard and Pavel Datsyuk but don't think they've got enough in the tank
Phunwin: CHI in 4 - Detroit blew their wad in the first round. Chicago is so much better.
Meloni: CHI in 5

#4 LA vs. San Jose

Cornelius: Sharks in 7
Heather: Kings in 6
Erin: Sharks in 7
Sarah: Kings in 6
Servo: Kings in 6 - Raffi Torres gets murdered by Dustin Brown, the league rejoices
BHN Dan: Kings in 6 - San Jose finds that palying against a team with a goalie is a bit difficult
Steph: Sharks in 6
Giesse: Kings in 7 - LA got a long rest after last year's cup. Also FU Raffi Torres.
Phunwin: Kings in 7 - it'd be pretty sweet to have the last four Stanley Cup Champs in the conference finals
Meloni: Sharks in 7