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Better Know a Dumb Jerk Ranger: Carl Hagelin

Bruce Bennett

Carl Hagelin is a dangerous and speedy winger on the Rangers. He's one of their better scorers, which is interesting, considering his company. He's no Derrick Brassard, sure, but he can hurt ya. He's their only forward with an even Playoff Goal/Assist Balance (without being all zeroes) and he's got 2 each so far.

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He's an EDM fan (aka, a European):

Here's how he gets used by Torts:


via Hockey Abstract

Here's a similar chart, but for his career:


via Some Kind of Ninja

The Bottom Line: He's probably going to be seeing time against Chara and whichever defenseman is playing with him. He's almost certainly going to score at least one goal that we all hate. What a dumb jerk.