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3 Questions With... Seth Gibson

Michael Ivins-USA TODAY Sports

Seth Gibson isn't a blogger, per se, but I don't really spend a lot of time reading about the Rangers so I have no idea if any are any good. However, Seth is a guy who knows a fair amount about the team so I asked him today's 3 questions in advance of Today's Game 1 against the Rangers. Let's jump right in:

1. Do you think the much-talked-about Boston Sports Media will throw anything at Torts that he hasn't handled already?

Torts-style answer: No.

Long answer: they might ask him stuff that they NY press typically wouldn't, but I'd be more inclined to think they ask it just because they don't know any better. I'd say for the most part he has the NY beat guys pretty well conditioned on what he will and won't answer. So to that extent, Boston media may actually ask stuff that hasn't been asked, but they will most likely get a non-response from him if its something he won't typically discuss.

I've noticed in post game pressers so far, the Washington media didn't ask him much, and the NY guys dominated the asking. I dunno if Boston will do the same, but if they don't want to have him walk off 10 seconds in, I'd suspect this trend will continue.

2. Lundqvist ended the first round with a 2-game shutout streak, yet he's still only 3rd in save percentage and 4th in GAA. Can he keep it up?

I think so. The 3rd and 4th numbers are really just attributed to the first few games where he was giving up 3 or so a game. I feel like he's begun to really lock in, and to add to that, the D has really been fantastic on the second half of that series. They seriously limited the big guns in Washington getting a lot of room.

On top of that, I don't have the numbers in front of me, but Hank currently is on some streak of giving up 3 or less goals in Boston. Its like 15 games (Ed. Note: Lundqvist has never given up more than 3 goals in his 30 games against the Bruins) or something. His numbers (of course with the caveat of being in the regular season) are incredibly good in Boston. He's had fairly good success there, whereas Washington has been a bit more troubling, especially in playoffs. I don't necessarily know that even plays into his mindset that much, but the numbers at least support the idea.

I think Boston still spreads the offense fairly well, and the Krejci line is as hot as any other still alive in the playoffs, so his work is cut out for him, but I am confident in believing the trend can continue.

3. What's up with pride of PEI Brad Richards playing on the 4th line? Do you think it makes sense?

Richards really hasn't meshed well with anyone all season. Even strength has been a struggle with him, and I'm not sure why. Him and Gaborik worked sporadically, Nash and him worked for like 10 games. Its been tough. I'm not sure what the solution is at this point.

He's still an important part of the team, all the intangible BS, and he still plays a role on the powerplay. Beyond that, though, the way the other lines are working, I'm not terribly upset with the way its going right now. He seems to have some success with Clowe, but he's gotten hurt a few times, so its tough to see if that will continue.

Do I like that he's on the fourth? Not for what he can potentially do. But because of the way the team is running now, I'm not upset either.

Thanks again to Seth for answering these questions for me.