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Fresh Links: The Kids Are Alright Edition

All fears of rookie slips and jitters were allayed by the solid blue line performances of Torey Krug, Matt Bartkowski, and Dougie Hamilton. Krug's power play goal sparked the Bruins, and Brad Marchand had the game winning goal in overtime.

Torey Krug is congratulated on his first NHL (and first Playoff) goal by Hamilton, Marchand, and Krejci
Torey Krug is congratulated on his first NHL (and first Playoff) goal by Hamilton, Marchand, and Krejci
Michael Ivins-USA TODAY Sports

<p><b> In a tight game, the Boston Bruins beat the New York Rangers 3-2 in overtime on a long awaited Brad Marchand goal. Who better to assist than Patrice Bergeron? </b></p>


<li> And here's last night's game in a nutshell. [<a href="">NewEnglandHockeyJournal</a>]</li>

<li> This recap wins for the final two paragraphs. [<a href="">CausewayCrowd</a>]</li>

<li> Can you begrudge me an "In Praise of Patrice Bergeron" piece for the second day in a row? I didn't think so. [<a href="">TheScore</a>]</li>

<li> Just a mite better? Size didn't matter for two young Bruins goal scorers last night. [<a href="">BostonGlobe</a>]</li>

<li> And the fears of inexperience on the Blue Line were unfounded. The kids were alright. Johnny Boychuk took a beating, but slogged through it. [<a href="">ESPN</a>]</li>

<li> The defensive corps apparently dodged another bullet, as Johnny Boychuk went to the bench in obvious pain, gamely returning to the ice afterward. [<a href=""></a>]</li>

<li> Torey Krug, fresh from Calder Cup action, sparked the team with his power play goal. [<a href="">BruinsDaily</a>]</li>

<li> Read the entry Brad Marchand made in his ESPN diary after Game 7 against the Leafs. There was a lot going on behind the scenes. [<a href="">ESPN</a>]</li>

<li> Marchand had thrown the press into a frenzy leaving yesterday's practice early. He reported that he also had received an encouraging text from Mark Recchi. [<a href="">NESN</a>]</li>

<li> Shawn Thornton spoke after Leafs Game 7, and said the Bruins "didn't have any passengers." He also had been talking to Tyler Seguin. [<a href="">WEEI</a>]</li>

<li> Zdeno Chara was huge, and played a season-high 38:02 minutes, and was wearing the Army Rangers jacket as a result. [<a href="">BostonHerald</a>]</li>

<li> Red Auerbach donned Black and Gold for the game. [<a href="">WBZ,CBSLocal</a>]</li>

<li> Media fallout after Leafs Game 7: Call 911! Things were a bit rowdy outside the CSNNE office. Over at NESN, Jack and Brick were preparing to discuss options for the Bruins retooling when the miracle win spared them such sad conjecture. [<a href="">BostonGlobe</a>]</li>

<li> A Mike Spicer cartoon, pregame meal before the Rangers tilt. [<a href="">MikeSpicerCartoonist</a>]</li>

<li> Enjoy this peak at John Tortorella's yearbook photo and caption. [<a href="">PuckDaddy</a>]</li>

<li> USA spanked Russia to reach the world hockey semifinals. [<a href="">TheScore</a>]</li>

<li> Look! At the world championships in Finland, you can relax in a sauna in your Hartall Arena luxury box. (En français) [<a href="">25Stanley</a>]</li>


<p><b> Next up: Sunday at 3pm. The Dreaded Matinee. Game 2, Boston Bruins vs. New York Rangers. </b></p>