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Thursday Morning Skate: Memorial Cup Field Set

"What would you like for Christmas, little man?" said Chara Clause
"What would you like for Christmas, little man?" said Chara Clause
Bruce Bennett

So I'm not sure how many of you have been paying attention to the Memorial Cup (the Canadian Junior Hockey Championship) but the round-robin games are over and the field is set for the playoffs. These aren't even on TV, which is lame as hell. They were last year, great job expanding your coverage NHL network, you assholes.

Anyways, tonight the host team the Saskatoon Blades play the London Knights.

Tomorrow, the winner of that game plays Seth Jones and the Portland Winterhawks.

Sunday, the winner of that game plays the Halifax Mooseheads for the Memorial Cup.

There aren't many Bruins prospects playing in this tournament, but nobody wants to talk about what went down in Providence last night so we're talking about this.

Or tonight's game, whatever. Your choice. It's a morning skate. Work with the space. Bemoan the Pens beating Ottawa by about a billion to 3 and Alfie giving a juicy quote.

Alfie can't catch a break. "I guarantee we'll win the cup" is met with laughter, and now "I don't know if we can beat them, they have too much depth" is met with the same. If Ottawa was slightly more likable, I might feel bad for him. But screw that. We've taken what we can from them.

But I digress. What's on tap?