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Wednesday Morning Skate: Game 7 Not Tonight

Happy Birthday, Nathan Horton!
Happy Birthday, Nathan Horton!
Bruce Bennett

Just think, if the Bruins hadn't pulled themselves together against New York and dominated, we'd be doing what Hawks and Wings fans are undoubtedly doing today - pacing, sweating, a little jumpy, lacking sleep. Putting on those pants and that shirt because today's the day. The Sharks' promising season (beating Vancouver has meant winning the cup the last 3 years) was snuffed out on the strength of a Justin Williams power play goal. Heck of a game, though. RIP to a good team with some good beards.

Didja hear that the last 5 Cup Champs are still alive? No? I guess you weren't on twitter after LA won last night. Like, anywhere. I think even spam bots were posting about it. It got messy.

The Eastern Conference Finals schedule also came out last night, if you missed that:

Happy Birthday, Nathan Horton. What's on tap, y'all?