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Friday Morning Skate: Gryba Smash

Bruce Bennett

Ho-ly crap, did he ever. In the Sens' glorious victory ove Montreal last night, Ottawa's Eric Gryba lined Lars Eller up and smashed the hell out of him. If you haven't seen it yet, it was ugly. TSN's panel maintains that it was a clean hit, and when was the last time Aaron Ward or Kerry Fraser were wrong? Eller got a broken face (heard at least a broken nose and "dental fractures," which sounds awful). You never want to see a guy get lit up quite like that. It was pretty gnarly. With any luck, the Habs will get swept by #LaLaLa and the pesky Sens and he can recover in peace over the summer. Here's hoping he doesn't have a concussion, though he did get knocked out and land on his face. So, who knows?

Former BU Terrier Gryba has a hearing at noon, which is probably a little late in the day for your average BU hearing. I doubt we hear much more about Eller's condition before that.

Interesting to note that Habs forward Brendan Gallagher preemptively vowed revenge before the game. Per Renaud Lavoie of RDS:

I'm sure habs fans are taking it very rationally. At least, that's what the 911 operator taking their calls is reporting...