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#treesforgoals Regular Season Wrap Up

Are we close to our 5000 tree goal? Did Andrew Ference help us plant all the trees? The answers to all this and more coming up next!

Alex Trautwig

Just like always I'm only tracking this stuff for the fun of keeping updated.

People are having fun with it and making all kinds of great pledges. To keep it up through the playoffs, pledge here.

Our end of regular season total is:3069 trees

Ference is on the hook for 800 trees for Seguin goals

Alternate Captain Planet leads the way with 769 trees

To make your actual donation please visit go here - we have 486 trees donated so far (remember $1 = 1 tree)

These fancy tree stats do note included what you might have donate - just your pledges through the end of the regular season.

@beckyc0821 =70 trees Chara goals, Chara Fights & Gordie Howe Hattrick

Andrew Berkshire = 10 trees PK Subban goals against Bruins

Big Bad Me = 20 trees Ference goals

Black Bird = 238 trees Ference goals, Ference Fights, Team Wins

(Ed. Note: whoops, looks like this got posted without the full list. we'll get lilybraden to finish it up when she gets back to a computer.)